How To Get Started With Blogging In 2020 – Newbie’s Guide

By | February 6, 2020

Do you want to do blogging? very nice.

But how do you start? Many people or blogger’s give the information on blogging but everyone has different information Because of which you will not understand anything and that is why you will never start blogging.

But you do not worry guys when I started blogging, I also had to face many such difficulties, but now I have overcome all these obstacles and now I have a lot of information about how to make a blog? How to start blogging? I will answer all your questions in this post, so carefully the whole post is good, I hope you will get all the answers. I will try as much as possible to let you understand easily, so let’s start.

How To Get Started With Blogging In 2020 - Newbie's Guide

Start Blogging in 5 Easy Steps:

How To Get Started With Blogging

Step 1 – Select a blog platform like WordPress or Blogger

On which platform you have to create your blog, that is the first step, if you have heard of WordPress then it will be my advice, you to choose WordPress, As WordPress is the largest blogging platform yet, all over the world, there are a lot of plugins and add-ons that allow you to convert your blog into any type you want to and is an SEO friendly platform.

WordPress still has 820 lakhs, active users, If you want, instead of WordPress, you can also try another platform like Blogger which is totally free. Except for WordPress and Blogger, you can use other platforms like Weebly, Joomla, SquareSpace or self-host your website with scripts.
Download WordPress Script from official site WordPress and Here is the Complete for How to Install WordPress Through Hosting Softaculous Cpanel File Manager.

Step 2 – Free hosting or Self-hosting?

Keep in mind that before going ahead you have to take a big decision as if you want paid hosting or want to get free hosting?.

You will get free hosting and domain from all blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger but this is just for temporary blogging It is good but if you are serious in blogging, then do not select them at all, because in this platform they provide you very dirty domain names and hosting such as, which is very useless.

Step 3 – How to set up a blog and domain

By now WordPress will be selected for your blog as it is the best, I also use WordPress on all my blogs, even now the one you are reading this is on WordPress. You can easily install WordPress on every hosting provider with a single click, if there are some problems in setting up then there are screenshots Also, the entire process will be received from your hosting provider.

After installing WordPress, To go to WordPress admin panel, you will need such links by this you can go to WP admin panel and start writing posts under it, it was very easy right, after which you will see the admin panel layout which will look complicated. But don’t be confused, you will understand everything soon.

Step 4 – Designing your WordPress blog

After creating a blog, Next is Designing, you can design as you like, I prefer a clean, easy and professional look on more sites. so that users do not have any problem to check the different parts of the site, you can do all these things from the admin panel of WordPress. go to Appearance > Themes > Choose any theme you want and install it After that you can design your blog. you can design your blog any way you want by going to Appearance > customize.

Step 5 – Important Tips For Blogging

You may have many problems in the beginning, but do not worry, you will learn everything slowly, I hope that by reading this blog you have set up your blog if you have any problem then ask the hosting provider and they will help you.

One tip is not to copy-paste anything, write your own unique content and you will definitely be successful. If you have some doubt right now on setting up the blog, then comment it, I will definitely help you. Thank you.

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