How To Recover Deleted Photos Easily Top 2 Methods

By | May 1, 2020

Hi, there today we are going to discuss a very important topic which happens generally in our daily lives as you browse through your photos, videos or their folders and your precious photos got deleted by accident! you must be panic right now as to how can you recover that photo that is most valuable to you but doesn’t worry we got you covered as I will explain the whole process of recovering pictures by three simple methods. So let us Begin

How To Recover Deleted Photos Easily Top 2 Methods

1) Recover pictures from External SD Card

This method is a bit skeptical as there is very low chance to recover from SD card, once you delete the pictures it will take time to completely remove it from sd card but as soon as you import new data it will be deleted so immediately after you delete something take out SD card from the phone to prevent it from deleting.

After removing the card insert your memory card into a card reader and connect to the computer after that install, Image recovery software like Easeus and launch the program it will show you all the storage devices, select your memory card and click on scan, it will scan the whole sd card and show you files the which can be recovered, select whichever file you want to recover and click on RECOVER now, the images will be recovered and save into the default folder of Easeus, after that you can copy that files into your phone.

2) Recover Images through Cloud Platform

The Second and most Easiest way to recover you deleted pictures is by Cloud Platform as when you delete photos from the Gallery App it will not be deleted from Cloud, it only works if you have selected automatically backup your photos on the app such as Google Photos you can recover almost all the photos! if you have backed up on google photos app.

Open the Google photos app and select the images you want to recover, click on 3 dots aligned vertically then click on Save To Device your images will be saved successfully.

How To Recover Deleted Photos Easily Top 2 Methods

On Dropbox, the Options would be like Export This File and then Save To Device.

But What if you’ve deleted the photos from the cloud? whether you will be able to recover them or not? and the answer to that is YES you can recover it as most of the cloud platform offer’s recycle bin or trash folder where the images stay there if you’ve deleted them at a span of 60 days or 30 days.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Google Photos, Select Trash from the sidebar, Hold on the image you want to recover, then touch on Restore. That’s it

You cannot do the same on dropbox as you need to login in from a computer to recover the deleted photos. Dropbox will hold deleted photos until 30 days.

The Last method to recover deleted photos is through Rooted device using the app called DiskDigger recovery by giving superuser permissions to the app, I will be not covering this topic as most of the new launch smartphones will have the latest android version, after marshmallow v6.0 the rooting process has been very hard(By unlocking bootloader), and it can even wipe your smartphone internal storage, so I recommend you to use the above give two methods, I hope you like this article. You can also check out our other articles on our site to get in-depth knowledge of any topic.

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