Rank your website on first page of Google with this SEO tips

Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about the biggest and Hot topic in the blogger’s world which is SEO. If you are in the world of blogging then you know how difficult it is to rank on the first page of Google SEO tips, but do not worry, today I have brought this article to help people like you. So Let’s start without wasting any more time.

Steps to Follow –

>Analyzing and research of keyword

>Shorten URL to look good

>Delete Unnecessary no traffic value pages


SEO tips

Rank your website on the first page of Google SEO tips

1) Analyzing-

Whenever you want to get something ranks on google, Do full research on the keywords and after you selected the particular keyword check which site is ranking on first and analyze the whole article from that.

If the ranking blog has 500 words, it has 2 pictures with it, so you should write 700 to 800 words on your blog, put 3 to 4 pictures with it so that Google can understand that you wrote the same topic in more detailed, unique and easy to understand by user very well, due to which it will increase the position of your blog.

I am not saying that you should copy-paste the post, do not do it at all, if you copy-paste then your post will never rank, Always try to write unique content the more unique the content is the more, chances of your being ranked first will increase.

2) URL

Yes, URL can have a lot of effect in SEO, you will not know it, but according to recent Google’s 1 million search study showed that pages which have short URL like https://ezshort.in/earn-money-online ranks top and not such big URL’s https://yourwebsite.com/2019/10/long-url-that-looks-very-ugly-66852?/example Google ignores such URLs or will rank them very low, so it is always beneficial to use short URLs. I also use a Short URL, due to which my post is also ranked high. And always keep in mind that your keywords should be available in the URL.

3) Delete Pages

Any page on your website that is not ranking highly, which has no traffic, you can delete such pages, as I said. Google’s 1 million search study has shown that they do not crawl pages that have no meaning or no use, due to which your ranking can go down, I know you do not agree on this because there are many people like you who do not believe this but my friend He had done this and whichever his posts were not performing, he deleted them, after that his ranking increased and his blog started appearing on the first page of Google.

Final words– I hope that your website will definitely rank if you follow these three steps well. By following all these tricks SEO tips I will rank my pages on google so you can also rank your article this way too. If you liked this article, do comment This will keep me motivated and I will keep bringing you full and informative articles like this for you.

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