Top 5 Upcoming Smart Phones in 2020

Hi Peeps, This week is all about smartphones in this month All articles writers like us have been tired were working 12 or 15 hours, giving you their updates and reviews. So this month, we will also be giving updates, then let us see which new smartphones are going to be in the mid-range segment in this month.

Top 5 Best Upcoming Smart Phones In August 2019

5 Best Upcoming Smart Phones In August 2020

#1 Huawei Y9 Prime

1st of July is going to come Huawei 9 Prime It is also going to be with the pop-up selfie camera, it will also be the best mid-range smartphone This is the first smartphone from Huawei, which has a pop-up selfie camera, the processor is okay, the battery is average but with stylish design as you know Huawei phone always comes with good looking phones. Everything is going to come in the upcoming month when it will be released, you will get a full review on your website!

#2 Vivo S1

Friends, a new phone is coming from Vivo, a new series phone is Vivo S1, it will be with the Helio P65 processor. The mid-range smartphone will also have a 4500 mAh battery and a lot of good things to come with this phone. There will be a triple camera setup at the back and 32 MP camera in front, so all over it will fit in the mid-range segment, It will come at aggressive pricing.

#3 Galaxy Note 10 Series

Friends, this phone is going to be launched globally at the same time it will be in India launching 2 smartphones. Note 10 and Note 10 Pro of Note series, it is going to be 6.3 and 6.8 inches, Pro is going to be of a larger version. One comes in 3500 Mah battery and PRO 4000 Mah battery but the Highlight of Note series is Note S pen when it will be launched then everything will be cleared till then remain with our article to get the latest news.

#4 Honor 9x

Friends, I’m very excited about this phone! In India going to be launched in February, it has just been launched in China, which is named Honor 9x. It comes Kirin 810 Processor Remember this is going to be a great phone, I will say this to be a premium midrange phone. It also beats the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor in benchmarks with a bigger screen and everything about this mobile is great It is being said that this is going to be launched in starting February.

#5 RedMagic 3s

Friends, after launching ROG phone 2 in China then again Nubia Redmagis 3S has just been launched, which has 855 processors Another upgraded version of this is coming Nubia Redmagic 3 It will be launched in China soon and in this month. It is going to be launched in India, it is being said that it will also come in 855+ processors, it is the best phone with 855+ at a good price. I hope you will be waiting for this smartphone so here are the top 5 mid-range phones that are going to come in August. Hope you find a good article we’ll meet again in the next article.

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