Top 5 Recommended SEO Setting For Blogger

By | February 9, 2020

hello, Friends, This is Ali and you are reading a new article of blogging so friends today we will talk about how to make our blog and website with full SEO! Creating a blog or website is not a big deal, but you need to optimize it to get traffic, and to get good traffic lanes you have to customize the best SEO on the website, we have to SEO our website and blog in a good way, SEO means search engine optimization, so let’s learn how you can Save these 5 SEO settings on blog and website.

Top 5 Recommended SEO Setting For Blogger

#1 Top 5 SEO Setting For Blogger – Template

Whenever you create a blog and website, you get some default templates, yes you can use also default templates because they are simple and Fast. Otherwise, you can purchase any paid template, but you have to focus on the fact that your template is arranged nice and professionally! you must have seen a lot of blogs and websites in which the tables are not arranged as well as menus. You must first arrange your blog fully for the best searching result in Seo.

#2 Domain Name

Whenever you create a blog, you get subdomain with it, such as, If you want, you can make your blog become like temporary earning then you can use a subdomain as well, and if you want to go a little bit further than this, then I will give you an advice that you should get your own purchased domain and Connect it with blogger as you can see

also a paid domain with .xyz as subdomain. This will give you very good results in Seo.

#3 Submit Website On Search Engine

You have to submit your blog or website to different search engines like Google search console and webmaster tool, Bing search console. Because only by submitting to search console they will know that you have content which is also based on an organic keyword, so it is a very important step so never ignore it. Your blog or website will never be ranked. It Can also get ranked by itself as time goes on like this website TamilYogi Or This one Extramovies

#4 Directory Submission

So let us understand directory submission with an example as there is a phone directory to save the phone numbers. With these we can find any contact number,in the same way, there is a similar web directory where you have to submit your site. Now, what is the benefit of submitting our site here? So by submitting your site you get the benefit that you will get some good quality backlinks. you can get Backlinks a lot of other websites, but here you will get quality backlinks and this thing is very good for Seo.

#5 Content 

Putting everything on the side, come to the main point is content, yes friends! The first thing that comes in SEO is “Content” you have to keep your content “King” Because when a visitor will not understand anything, how will he give his review. Therefore, you have to keep your content “King” of all websites so that Google Bot also rank your post while crawling.

So in today’s article, that’s all you will get we’ll meet again with some new tips till then goodbye.

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